Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 56 (May 28): Paris... and then back to Durham

To the Tower this morning.  We had perfect weather and a very minimal wait for the stairs.

  I can't understand why people wait hours for the lift when walking up the stairs just isn't that hard.

view across the River

Nutella crepe is what one needs when one has conquered the Tower

blue sky and airplane trail

We still had energy and a few hours left in the city, so after buying some food in a small grocery and eating our lunch in our hotel's breakfast room, we walked a few blocks to the Pantheon -- a quite impressive and beautiful memorial to dead and famous French people.  (Lots of 'em are buried in the crypt.)

inside of the Pantheon

we went up to the top of that dome and enjoyed more city views

In the late afternoon we made our way to the train station and caught our Eurostar train across the French countryside, under the Channel, and into London's Kings Cross station.  Dinner was enjoyed there and then we got on our train back to Durham, arriving just after midnight.

Good trip overall, glad to have gone and glad to be back home again.