Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 72 (June 13): Durham

OK so today didn't actually prove to be all that exciting after all.

In the morning I walked into town to give Chris his lunch.  Walked back home.

After lunch Caroline and I walked into town to do some shopping and errands.  Accomplished everything, walked back home.

sky was dark and sun was shining on the river, looked cool

flowers growing on the side of a stone building

pretty wall decorated in flowers

more pretty flowers

I was tired.  Too tired to go back out again (via my tired legs and feet) to go to Chris's talk which he was giving last night.  Turns out good I didn't go because then he went out to dinner and wasn't home until late.  So Caroline and I had a quiet dinner & evening at home.  Well, sorta quiet.  One of the colleges (across the road) was having an outdoor party so there was loud music blaring, but it did end (mercifully) by 11 pm, so that was good.

Another day-in-the-life in Durham, U.K.