Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 63 (June 4): Train to Mallaig

This was our second trip on the "Harry Potter" train -- the Jacobite steam train that departs from Fort William and chugs its way through the Scottish Highlands to the "sleepy little port town" of Mallaig.

the girls and Grandad in front of the First Class coach

the train stops part way into the journey and we took a little walk to take this photo

Once in Mallaig the girls and I took a little walk up into the hills above the town.  It was a perfect day and a pleasant walk!

foxgloves grow wild everywhere

pretty view of the town and the islands of Rum, Eigg, and a bit of Skye

At the end of this trip we were pretty tired and eager to read and relax in our hotel room, watching a bit more of the Jubilee celebrations on TV.