Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 69: Durham (and Exeter)

We had lots of rain last night and the night before and so the river is very high.  This is unfortunate for the rowers and city planners and those who were looking forward to the 179th Durham Regatta.  The whole event (which was to occur yesterday and today) was cancelled.

river is very high and the water is fast & rough

it's also really brown today

I took a walk this afternoon along the river and through town.   Two nice ladies (from Cambridge) asked me for directions, which I gave them.  That was fun.

this is what they were looking for -- it is a bronze copy of the wooden original
The sculpture is "The Journey" and depicts monks carrying the coffin of St. Cuthbert.  (The one lady said she didn't like it at all.)

The river under the Old Elvet bridge was quite calm (whereas on the other side it was running very fast).  I took a few photos of the boats and the valerian growing on the bridge.

you can rent these boats

my attempt at an artsy picture

I'll call this one "Still Life with Boats and Valerian"... 

p.s.  Chris and the girls were in Exeter today and taking the train back to London this evening.