Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 37 (May 9): Hadrian's Wall

Easy train ride to Newcastle + a day-ticket on Bus AD122 "The Hadrian's Wall Country Bus" and we were all set for a day out.

First stop was Housestead's Fort.

the Roman fort included the Wall along one side

Then we walked 3+ miles along the Wall which was really fun.  Lots of photo ops.

perspective on this is kinda funny -- the body of water is a HUGE lake that is very far down

up and down, up and down...  beautiful views everywhere!

At the end of our walk we had a nice lunch at a pub along the road and then got on the bus to our next stop which was Vindolanda.  This is a working archeological site and had some really wonderful ruins as well as a very informative museum.  Great spot.

crazy to think of all the people who lived here for hundreds of years

Easy bus ride back to Newcastle, train back to Durham.  Great day!