Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 44 (May 16): Durham

Sunny day this morning.  I had to walk into town for a few groceries (and to bring Chris a lunch -- he is off to London and Oxford for a few days of meetings/talks) and couldn't resist a few photos.

our building -- it's looking downright Spring-y around here

wonder how many photos I'll end up with from this spot?

end of the Cathedral with view of Dun Cow Lane (where Chris has his office)

Cathedral with blue skies

We managed a visit this afternoon to Durham Castle.  Students give tours through the public parts of the castle.  To date about 80 students live in the Castle itself (apparently their rooms were given an expensive overhaul just last year) and other students in University College live in other parts of the Castle & Cathedral complex.

oldest parts of the castle are 600-1000 years old