Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 39 (May 11): Durham to Edinburgh

Fairly early departure on the train to Edinburgh, arrival mid-morning.  Weather somewhat rainy but not too dismal.  Checked in to our hotel and left our luggage, headed straight to the Castle.

Robert Bruce and William Wallace are in the alcoves

After the Castle we walked down the Royal Mile, stopping to visit St. Giles Cathedral. 

back of St. Giles Cathedral and statue of Adam Smith

Rest in our hotel room and dinner and then another short walk down the rest of the Royal Mile to the bottom of the hill where Holyrood Palace and the new Scottish Parliament building is.

very interesting building/complex

words from I Cor 13 carved into stone on the ground inside the Parliament building

We had fun watching American Idol on the TV in our hotel room -- since we don't usually have TV and don't usually watch American Idol.

the sky outside our hotel room that night gave me hope about the next day's weather