Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 47: Durham

Another in-between day.

made myself a "full English" this morning

Well, except for I left out the black pudding and the sausage, and I didn't have a tomato, so actually this is not very authentic, sorry.  Whenever I have this breakfast, I am not hungry until mid-afternoon.  Yum, and quite filling.

I made a trip into town to the beauty salon this morning -- sorely in need of a haircut.

Chris is home this afternoon, after several days in London and Oxford.  I am checking Zachary's flight every now and then, right now he is somewhere over eastern Canada, I think.  Erin is back in Hillsborough and tomorrow Sam (corgi dog) and Maybelle (fat kitten) will come home from Grandad's.

from my favorite hill on my evening walk

public footpaths are awesome

this is the Durham School (or part of it) near our flat

picturesque road on my walk

flowering bushes and trees are starting to flower

We'll have another quiet two days and then Erin and Grandad will arrive!  Can't wait to see them.