Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 18: Durham

Caroline is enjoying the freedom of late nights and late mornings... and lots of reading.   She's read two books in two days and is well into a third.
I like to take the path along the riverbank into the city centre.

We walked into town mid-day to visit the library, the bank, and some shops.  Then we found the local Catholic church we'll be attending for Mass while we are here in Durham. 

Chris is loving his quiet office on Dun Cow Lane.  He said at dinner that he is loving pretty much everything about life right now, so that's good. 

Enter the green door on the right and go up two flights to his office.

The sun came out for a bit this afternoon.  Right now the sky is a pale yellowish-pinkish-whitish, with blue patches here and there, if you can imagine that.