Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 20: Durham

Another fairly quiet (and rainy) day here in North East England.  We started out with a 25 minute walk to church.  We'll be attending Mass at St. Cuthbert's while here in Durham.  It's a lovely old building (no surprise there) and it was packed with people -- many older folk but a lot of not-so-old and a handful of children and younger families.  It's such a blessing to be in Mass on a Sunday morning, so far from our home, and yet still hearing the same words spoken and doing the same things, knowing this is going on world-wide.

new polka-dotted umbrellas are always fun

I talked Chris and Caroline into walking a short distance into the centre of town and getting takeaway fish-n-chips for lunch.  It was yummy and the smell brought me back to my New Zealand childhood!

Naps, walks, tea & scones, books, and now they are watching Britain's Got Talent.  I don't think it is impressing them.