Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 21: Durham

The sun was out here in Durham all day, which was a real treat.  Caroline and I walked into town -- I wanted to find the bus station, and she needed stamps and we needed to visit the Durham Indoor Market to find rechargeable batteries and a charger (to power her cute new, pink iPod dock).

blue skies, yay!

There are Public Footpaths throughout England and they are so fun; you never quite know where you will turn up (unless you have a good map and are actually using it).  

don't you want to know where this path goes? 

didn't go down this path today but I will very soon!

hardly looks real, but it is

Another cool thing about this place is that the Cathedral literally looms so large that it can be seen from so many vantage points and seems ever-present.   It's just really cool.

Laundry and grocery-shopping (online) were also on the day's agenda.  This evening after dinner I took another long walk through some new neighborhoods and found more paths and areas we can explore on another day.