Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 3 (April 5): To Paris

Early morning departure from Kings Cross Station.  We met Zachary in line -- he was easy to spot due to the new hair color.  Boarded the Eurostar train which took us through the countryside and under the Channel into France.  In Paris just a bit later!

along the Seine
Lots of walking today -- we first took the Metro to our hotel in the Latin Quarter, right near the Sorbonne.  Travelling super-light with only a small backpack per person.  (So nice not to be fussing with cases.)  Dropped off our packs and made our way to the Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris.  Looked around inside and out for a while, then we followed Rick Steves' walking tour of the Île de la Cité (one of the two island in the Seine on which Notre Dame stands).  This took us a few hours as we made some stops along the way.  Then we went to the hotel to check in and rest for a bit and headed out again, stopping in at St. Sulpice church

After looking in the church, we headed back down to the river for an early evening boat ride.

so many bridges!
it was beautiful and a bit cold

Dinner at a small Italian restaurant (Santa Lucia) near our hotel.  A long, tiring, satisfying day!