Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 24: Durham

The rain came again today and did not go away until just an hour or so ago (it's 8:22 pm right now).  According to the cabbie who took Caroline and me from the City Centre back to our flat (it was just too wet and we had too many packages) it hasn't been "nice" weather here (he was very specific that the descriptor was "nice") since 1977.

Oh well.

It actually was nice here earlier this week but maybe he's even more demanding than I am.

the Chapel was just beautiful and this picture does not capture that

We had the privilege this morning of touring Ushaw College, a closed seminary with many lovely buildings on 300+ acres outside of town, that hopefully has a future awaiting it.

in the library

looking through letters written by John Henry Newman

This evening Chris and I enjoyed a lecture down at the University, given by Fr. Robert Barron (of Word on Fire Ministries).

A good day, despite the rain.